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3397Slow XPATH loops for parsing array of hashes

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  • Paul Harman
    Mar 3, 2004
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      I'm writing a SOAP::Lite client trying to process the following response
      "signature". Hopefully the names/types show what is going on:

      <nodeInfo xsi:type="gv:VectorMapStringString">
      <item xsi:type="gv:MapStringString">
      <item xsi:type="gv:StringPair">

      Essentially what this is trying to model on perh terms is an array of
      hashes: the "StringPair item" is a single hash entry, the "MapStringString
      item" is a single hash, ans the "VectorMapStringString nodeInfo" represents
      the array.

      Having successfully used the xpath-based parser before, I thught I'd try it

      my %storyFields;
      my $i=0;
      foreach my $a ($res->dataof("//nodeInfo/*"))
      my ($name, $value);
      my $j=0;
      my %fields;
      foreach my $b ($res->dataof("//nodeInfo/[$i]/*"))
      foreach my $c ($res->dataof("//nodeInfo/[$i]/[$j]/*"))
      $name=$c->value if($c->name eq "name");
      $value=$c->value if($c->name eq "value");
      $fields{$name}=$value if(defined($name) && defined($value));
      my $id=$fields{id};
      foreach my $f (keys %fields)
      print "->\t\t$id: $f\n";
      next if($f eq "id");

      ...which works, but is *chronically* slow. Sticking "print" statements in
      the above, I watch it taking about 2 seconds per item in the array... The
      array contains approx 300 items, each hash contains 6 entries, one of which
      can be a name-value pair where the value is 2k of text. Net result: one
      rather large XML file that takes eons to parse.

      I was wondering what optimisations on the above I can bring to bare. Using
      trace() seems to show that $res->result is available very quickly, it's
      simply going round these XPATH loops that's painfully slow.

      Is there anything useful I can do with the $a and $b references that means I
      can avoid the inner loops' XPATH expressions: i.e. can I not do something

      foreach my $a ($res->dataof("//nodeInfo/*"))
      foreach my $b ($a->children)
      foreach my $c ($b->children)
      # add to my own hash here

      Thanks for your help,


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