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3395RE: [soaplite] Returning a .NET DataSet to a .NET Client

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  • Maurice McCabe
    Mar 2 9:22 PM
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      I got this working. I created a module I am calling DataSet.pm which
      makes this possible. DataSet.pm contains the template for constucting
      the XML for a .NET DataSet. It constructs the XML from hashes passed in
      as parameters. These hashes were returned from the requested DBI
      queries. SOAPLite returns it as a SOAP message. A .NET client displays
      each DataSet table in a web page as a DataGrid (for example, using VB
      code similar to below).

      Anyone interested in this module (and the related WSDL file)?


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      From: Maurice McCabe [mailto:mmccabe@...]
      Sent: Friday, February 27, 2004 4:56 PM
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      Subject: [soaplite] Returning a .NET DataSet to a .NET Client

      Has anyone tried to return a .NET Dataset to a .NET client from a
      SOAPLite server?

      I want to be able to pass a list of queries from a .NET client and
      receive a DataSet of tables for each query which I want to display as a
      DataGrid on a web page.

      For example, I want the code to look something like the following:

      Dim mySOAPLiteServer as SOAPLiteServer = New SOAPLiteServer()
      Dim myQueries as New HashTable()
      myQueries("Authors") = "select * from Authors"
      myQueries("Publishers") = "select * from Publishers"
      Dim myDataSet as Dataset = mySOAPLiteServer.GetDataSet(myQueries)
      myWebPageAuthorsDataGrid.DataSource =

      Any ideas/suggestions?


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