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338Re: [soaplite] java client for SOAP::Lite server

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  • Douglas Bonar
    May 16, 2001
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      Christof Damian wrote:
      > > > all the examples i found on the net don't seem to return objects,
      > > > just simple types (temperature, stockquote, ...)
      > > You may take a look into examples/oo-apache.pl which accesses object
      > > returned by ApacheSOAP implementation.
      > i saw that, but i want it the other way around. i would like to see a
      > java client for a SOAP::Lite server.
      > the client should dispatch them remotely.
      > christof

      I know this is the brute force way, but it works if you control
      the server. Just set the server to dump incoming and outgoing messages
      to a file and then use the Perl client to talk to it. After you have
      captured the messages, you can use whatever Java XML or SOAP package
      you want to send equivalent messages. SOAP-Lite isn't doing anything
      magical (though it sometimes looks that way), it is just serializing
      the function arguments into SOAP and reconstructing them at the
      other end. (And I don't mean that disparagingly at all.) Underneath
      it is all just specially formatted text strings.

      I'ld include an example, but my Java clients have all used
      a locally produced library so my examples wouldn't help. The effect
      was more like working with SOAP::Data and SOAP::Serializer classes
      directly to make a message and LWP::UserAgent to send it rather than
      using autodispatch. But it was fairly workable.

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