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3376Re: [soaplite] Attempting to understand ->proxy

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Feb 19, 2004
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      At 15:32:24 on 2004-02-19 Joseph Norris <sirronj@...> wrote:

      >I am a little confused about the proxy side of SOAP::Lite. What is
      >its purpose and how do I determine on a system where soap is running
      >if proxy for soap is set up as it should be. I have attempted to
      >bypass this but I get the following errror:
      >Transport is not specified (using proxy() method or service
      >The documentation leads me to believe that I do not have to use proxy
      >but maybe I am reading it wrong - or I am just confused.

      In SOAP::Lite the term proxy is used simply for the server to which you
      want to connect. It is not a 'http proxy' as you would understand that.

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