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337Re: [soaplite] java client for SOAP::Lite server

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  • Christof Damian
    May 16, 2001
      Paul Kulchenko wrote:
      > Hi, Christof!
      > > i got it working in java, up to the new(id => 1), which is received
      > > by
      > > the server. the server then returns a User object. I can't find an
      > > easy way to access the name() method from there though.
      > If you do NOT have User class on client side, then this method call
      > will be dispatched remotely and executed on server side. if you want
      > to dispatch it locally, you need to have User class on client side
      > (as in examples/pingpong.pl).

      no, i want to dispatch them remotely.

      > > all the examples i found on the net don't seem to return objects,
      > > just simple types (temperature, stockquote, ...)
      > You may take a look into examples/oo-apache.pl which accesses object
      > returned by ApacheSOAP implementation.

      i saw that, but i want it the other way around. i would like to see a
      java client for a SOAP::Lite server.

      the client should dispatch them remotely.

      Christof Damian [ we are looking for perl and linux
      Technical Director programmers, more information @
      guideguide ltd. http://guideguide.com/wanted.html ]
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