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3368MS MapPoint / .Net (Newbie question)

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  • NW7US
    Feb 17, 2004

      I am very new to .Net and to SOAP::Lite. I am, however, well-versed in Perl.

      I am in need to create a client on the Un*x side, using Perl and SOAP::Lite, to
      talk with the MapPoint .NET service to obtain custom maps. I've been searching
      the 'net and reading "Programming Web Services with Perl" to try and wrap my
      mind around how to accomplish this.

      I am wondering if any of you have already done something like this, and might
      have some simple example pseudo code, or even code snippets that I might be able
      to study. And/or, know of some project code or article out on the 'net that
      might cover this specific SOAP application.

      Any help is appreciated. Thank you, in advance.

      73 de Tomas, NW7US
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