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336Re: [soaplite] XML::Parser vs XML::Parser::Lite

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  • Philip Molter
    May 16, 2001
      On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 08:03:33PM +0500, Duffiana Jones wrote:
      : Paul Kulchenko a écrit :
      : >
      : > Hi, Duffiana!
      : >
      : > > but as you know, the remaining issue is deployment/integration on
      : > > the
      : > > partnair ISP site, that use perl 5.005 (and that do not allow us
      : > > root
      : > > access, I'm not even sure we have other service than ftp to
      : > > deploy).
      : > That should not be a problem. You may compile XML:Parser for the same
      : > system your ISP uses, ftp it there and specify 'use lib ...'
      : > directive that points to the place where you put XML::Parser. Then
      : > you may follow advice from Cookbook "Install SOAP::Lite in a custom
      : > directory" and you should be able to use SOAP::Lite there.
      : I read the cookbook but I'm not sure the CPAN module will work from the
      : ISP site : even on my workstation I had some troubles using CPAN, and
      : ended by install the soft manualy.
      : what I'm actualy doing is trying to build all the libs on my worstation
      : (I know the ISP runs linux, so I may not encounter binary
      : incompatibility for the modules that use some C code), copy the
      : directory on the target, and lauch script using perl -I
      : long_list_of_dirs short_script.pl. In fact, I would prefer to use perl
      : code to add my long_list_of_dirs in the lib, but don't know how to do
      : this.
      : I will tell you more further.

      You need the expat C libraries to use XML::Parser. If you're going to
      compile things on your own system and move them over, before you do so,
      make sure that your architecture is the same as the Linux server
      they're running and that you've got compatible libraries for common
      libs like stdio. See if they have expat installed already (most systems don't come with it by default). Compile your expat libs and your XML::Parser module, then move them over. Specify the directory location for the expat libs in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable. Use the 'use lib' statement to specify your location for XML::Parser.

      'perl -I' does not add C-library search paths. -I only pushes the
      given directories onto @INC, and @INC only tells Perl where to look for
      Perl modules. You can also achieve the same effect by setting your
      PERL5LIB environment variable to the directories (separated by a ':').
      The difference is that PERL5LIB direcoties will be unshifted on to
      @INC, so they'll be searched first. You can specify these variables in
      your web server conf with SetEnv (if you have access).

      If not, just use 'use lib'.

      XML::Parser is one of the more difficult modules to compile on one
      machine and then move to another.

      * Philip Molter
      * DataFoundry.net
      * http://www.datafoundry.net/
      * philip@...
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