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  • Paul Harman
    Feb 12, 2004
      I have a problem trying to write a SOAP::Lite client to decode the following
      response from a (gSOAP) server:

      <nodeInfo xsi:type="gv:MapStringString">
      <item xsi:type="gv:StringPair">
      <value>SCIENCE Cloning</value>
      <item xsi:type="gv:StringPair">
      <value>Researchers have successfully cloned a human
      embryo to extract stem cells in what was hailed today as a major step
      forward for medical science.</value>

      I'm using the following code to decode this:

      my $r=$res->result;
      foreach my $k (keys %{$r})
      foreach my $k2 (keys %{${$r}{$k}})
      print "$k2 = ${${$r}{$k}}{$k2}\n";

      A bit ugly, but that seems to be how SOAP::Lite is attempting to decode
      this. Unfortunately it seems to want to de-serialise gv:MapStringString as a
      hash with just a single <item> in it, rather than as an array of <item>s,
      which would make more sense.

      So my code only ever prints out "plainText = Researchers..."; the 'label'
      parameter is lost.

      Is this a problem with the way gv:MapStringString is defined (i.e. not
      explicitly stated to be an array)? There's nothing I can do about this
      server-side, so is there a way to influence SOAP::Lite's decoding behaviour?

      Thanks in advance,


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