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3338SOAP::Transport::HTTP::CGI....how to "output xml"?

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  • mscharbe
    Feb 2, 2004
      Sorry. I'm new to SOAP::Lite and have a Perl package I'm dispatching
      CGI-based SOAP messages to. This package is returning raw XML. How
      can I specify that the return content from this package should be
      packaged, as is, in a SOAP Envelope? Currently I am getting back my
      XML content, wrapped in a <s-gensym3> element, with "<" signs converted
      to "<".

      I noticed, and tried, the outputxml option from a client (SOAP::Lite),
      which worked fine. How then can I implement this on the server?

      The C++ client I'm working with, is rightfully coughing on the
      unexpected <s-gensym3> and "<" strings.


      Here's my CGI server/proxy:

      use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;
      use SOPAC::SOAP::GeodeticCampaign;

      => 'SOPAC::SOAP::GeodeticCampaign' })
      -> options({compress_threshold => 10000})
      -> on_action(sub {
      (my $action = shift) =~ s/^("?)(.+)\1$/$2/;
      die "SOAPAction shall match 'uri#method'\n" if $action ne join
      '#', @_;
      -> handle
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