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3325Re: SOAP::Data vs WSDL::Generator

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  • John Walstra
    Jan 22, 2004
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      ok, got it to work. Had to @ISA SOAP::Server::Parameters.

      However not I get this in my WSDL file, and it's not what I want.

      <xsd:complexType name="loginResponse">
      <xsd:element name="_value" type="xsd:xsdl:myelement0" />
      <xsd:element name="_signature" type="xsd:string" />
      <xsd:element name="_type" type="xsd:string" />
      <xsd:element name="_attr" type="xsd:xsdl:myelement1" />
      <xsd:element name="_name" type="xsd:string" />

      It should just be a string named "session_id."

      --- In soaplite@yahoogroups.com, "John Walstra" <jwalstra@s...>
      > I need to generate a WSDL for a .Net client.
      > At first my perl package was returning value by a simple return. I
      > could generate a WSDL file using WSDL::Generator, although I had
      > hand edit it to get it to work right. The problem was the .Net
      > client didn't know what to do with the return types, from what it
      > got, so everything was considered an object.
      > So I started to play with SOAP::Data to try to format the data
      > better. That removed at lot of the hacks I was going to the WSDL
      > file, however it can't generate a WSDL this way. I get a
      > segmentation fault when it calls WSDL::Generator's "get" method.
      > For example, the SOAP call is suppose to return a simple string.
      > my test script, that connects to the server, it works. However in
      > script to generate a WSDL, it returns ...
      > $VAR1 = bless( {
      > '_value' => [
      > ],
      > '_signature' => [],
      > '_name' => 'session_id',
      > '_attr' => {}
      > }, 'SOAP::Data' );
      > Any one else get WSDL::Generator working when return data formated
      > by SOAP::Data.
      > (btw: I'm in charge of the perl side, so I don't know much on
      > the .Net stuff. )
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