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3280Re: [soaplite] Re: soap call - fire and forget

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  • Lenz Gschwendtner
    Jan 9, 2004
      Byrne Reese wrote:

      >Grand Central is free as long as your bandwidth is less than 25MB per
      >month. And you have me as an excellent support resource. I have made sure
      >there are lots of Perl/SOAP::Lite examples on the GC developer site. :)

      thanks for that but we are programming a time critical high volume
      service so working with grand central in this place is not the thing
      planned. i know grand central already but in our situation in the moment
      there is no plan to use the services provided.

      thanks for the info, but it is more essential for us in the moment to
      know how to implement a "notification" in SOAP::Lite


      ".signature" [New] 4L, 8C [w]
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