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3277Re: soap call - fire and forget

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  • techrg99
    Jan 8, 2004
      I have been trying to do something similar - in my case I want the end
      user (thru a GUI) to be able to cancel the SOAP call - or at least
      ignore what the call returns... I think the issue is that since
      SOAP::Lite is using LWP to perform the HTTP communication, the process
      waits until a return or timeout. Perhaps there is a way to configure
      this??? I am experiementing with Perl 5.8.2 and using a separate
      thread to make the SOAP call. I have also seen ways to spawn another
      process to make the call so the main process is not stuck waiting
      around - for Win32 there is a good example in the O'reilly Programming
      Perl/Tk Book that goes out and gets comics and displays them back in
      the TK UI - this does not use SOAP, but does use LWP and the concepts
      work the same...
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