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3276Re: [soaplite] soap call - fire and forget

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  • Tim Wood
    Jan 8, 2004
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      At 09:08 AM 01/08/04, you wrote:
      >is there any possibility to fire a soap call which returns immediatly,
      >a kind of fire an forget. the point is to trigger an other daemon to
      >do something, but if the daemon does not respond or is down or feels
      >somehow unconvenient the call has to return right in the moment to the
      >caller. some kind of UDP connection therefor would be perfect or is
      >there any other aproach to do that?

      This is done at the level of the remote API, by designating it a "notification" rather than an RPC. How you do that designation at deployment time (in the WSDL) or at runtime is package-dependent and I have no idea how to in SOAP::Lite. But basically, it's a property of your API, not network level 4.
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