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3266Complicated Web Service Solution

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  • Christopher Parker
    Jan 5, 2004
      Hello all,

      I was hoping maybe I would find some guidance on this list.

      I'm building a Web service solution centered around SOAP::Lite. My
      server is going to be an interface between the Web service's clients
      and a SQL database and is written in Perl.

      I am going to have one client also written in Perl that will be
      consuming this Web service.

      The rest of the clients are going to be written in Visual
      Basic .NET... However, this aspect is not in the scope of this
      message (or this group), so I won't be bugging you folks about this.

      I'm still fairly new to SOAP, and perhaps some guidance of what my
      first steps should be would be helpful.

      I'm trying to make some custom classes (Project::Client and
      Project::Server) to be self-contained. The less interfacing with
      SOAP::Lite my actual client and server perl scripts do, the better.

      Example client_test.pl:

      my $cl = new Project::Client;
      $content = $cl->draw();

      My Project::Client would set up my SOAP::Lite object, my "server"
      method in Project::Client would establish the connection to my SOAP
      server using any necessary SOAP::Lite methods, etc... I've tried to
      inherit SOAP::Lite in my sample class, and have been unsuccessful.

      Example server.cgi:

      my $srv = new Project::Server;
      ("localhost", "test_db", "test_tbl", "test_usr", "test_pass") or
      die "Could not make database connection.";

      Should I be going about this differently?

      Thanks for your time.

      Christopher Parker