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3262Re: new to soap, cant seem to get it right

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  • Byrne Reese
    Jan 4, 2004
      I could not agree with you more Tim.

      I have considered documentation to be a real short-coming since I
      started using SOAP::Lite. Luckily Randy J. Ray, the author of
      the "Programming Web Services with Perl" book from Oreilly, has
      volunteered (with permission from Oreilly of course) to reproduce a
      large part of the aforementioned book in Perl POD format. It will not
      be a carbon copy of the book, but will take the API documentation a
      quantum-leap forward.

      The sooner we can get a digital copy of that book, the sooner I can
      start integrating it. I will ping Randy again to check his status on
      this very important deliverable.

      --- In soaplite@yahoogroups.com, Tim Wood <timwood0@p...> wrote:
      > At 01:27 PM 12/30/03, opus23k wrote:
      > >OK so I got some useful information from Jonathan:
      > >---------
      > >Take a look at http://soapenv.org/article.pl?
      > >sid=02/02/11/1740229&mode=thread
      > >
      > >Also, see Byrne Reese's website.
      > >http://majordojo.com/soaplite/
      > >---------
      > >
      > >These sites have helped but I'm still having some trouble getting
      > >this right.
      > >
      > >So you can see the XML I'm trying to generate...
      > SOAPbox: There seems to be a meta-problem with SOAP::Lite that's
      keeping from being as useful as it could be. Basically I and others
      are encountering fog where there should be a clear semantic model of
      what SOAP::Lite APIs have what effect on which SOAP messages.
      Clearly SOAP::Lite is a powerful package, but without a tutorial doc,
      or at very least a Javadoc-style API spec, it's very difficult to
      know how to use the package to get a desired result.
      > The fact that we have to work at the level of SOAP message text and
      reading the SOAP::Lite code in order to guess what to do is a red
      flag. The possible highest priority for SOAP::Lite development is
      not more cool features but a comprehensive usage guide that covers
      major distributed programming patterns. Byrne's site has several
      Perls which need to be edited and collected into a volume. Ideally,
      one should be able to design and implement a Web service (with
      components in different languages/frameworks) without having to view
      SOAP messages or the SOAP::Lite code. The sooner SOAP becomes a
      hidden implementation detail, the more productive we'll all be.
      > Now back to your regularly scheduled hacking.
      > TW
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