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3260trace always on, even when I don't ask for it

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  • deepblah
    Jan 4, 2004
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      I've tried this on different machines (WinXP w/ ActivePerl 8xx; Linux
      w/ Perl 5.8.2; WinXP w/ cygwin perl 5.8.2) with the same result.

      Whether I just do 'use SOAP::Lite;' or 'use SOAP::Lite +trace => [qw
      (fault)];' or any other way... it traces 'all' calls.

      It's getting annoying now -- my script is almost done, and yet I
      can't seem to be able to turn off the debugging output. And if I
      redirect STDERR to /dev/null, I will not be able to use any 'warns'
      or 'dies' -- at least, they won't be very useful. Redirecting STDERR
      to a logfile doesn't help much, as it grows rather rapidly.

      I am using v 0.55 on WinXP ActivePerl and v 0.60 on the other two
      machines. Any ideas as to how I can silent the trace to only what I

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