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3250Re: [soaplite] Passing Java complex types to server from SOAP::Lite

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  • Byrne Reese
    Dec 26 6:27 AM
      By a constructor in this sense, I don't mean one in the Java sense. The
      idea is that you have somekind of subroutine that can construct a simple
      SOAP::Data object ad return it to the caller. It just makes code a little
      simpler and easier to read is all. :)

      But Java will work, but you have to construct complex types manually - for
      the very reason you specified - Perl doesn't have named object parameters
      per se - and thus it is difficult for Perl to know how to serialize the
      Object without a little help from a custom serializer - which is not that
      trivial to write. It took me a long time how to figure it out when working
      on wsdl2perl.

      There are plennty of code samples on majordojo.com/soaplite that will
      instruct you on creating complex types - I encourage you to take a look.

      > At 09:53 AM 12/20/03, you wrote:
      >>I would suggest you create some handy constructor methods for each
      >> complex
      >>type. This is a temporary solution until wsdl2perl is released - at which
      >>point this will all be done for you automagically.
      > Byrne,
      > Sorry for the delay in replying, and thanks for the info. It will take me
      > a bit to fully apprehend it; the framework seems to be shifting a bit. By
      > "handy constructor[s]", I assume you mean in Perl. I'm still figuring out
      > how to define the Perl object to have named members that the SOAP
      > serializer can then translate into the right SOAP doc. It seems a nub of
      > the problem is that the Java side wants to be told what data goes into
      > what Java class member, but Perl doesn't have named class members per se.
      > Or maybe it's not that strict; I don't have a handle on the true
      > requirements each side has on the SOAP messages.
      > Thanks,
      > Tim

      ^byrne :/
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