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3245Getting Started - 406 Not Acceptable

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  • Steve
    Dec 21, 2003

      I've configured a Linux box with Perl, Apache and SOAP::Lite (full
      install from CPAN). I'm running one of the popular "Hello World"
      arrangements with a CGI file as the dispatcher. I've verified that
      the HTTP server is functional. When I run the test Perl script
      (hw_client.pl) I get the error message:

      Calling the SOAP Server to say hello

      406 Not Acceptable at hw_client.pl line 7

      I understand that this message has to do with improper
      headers/entities on the Apache server. Is this a common startup
      issue? If so, what should I do? If necessary, I can provide the code
      for the server and client here, but I'm sure you've seen it many times

      Thanks in advance,