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3216handle types specified in other schemas

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  • Peter Sykora
    Dec 6, 2003

      I try to use the GlobalWeather service which has been already
      discussed in the following message:

      The strange thing is that the use of this service is super simple when
      I run it on my Windows machine using perl v5.6.1 and the latest
      SOAP::Lite module:

      #!perl -w
      use SOAP::Lite +trace;

      $t = SOAP::Lite
      -> uri('http://live.capescience.com:80/ccx/GlobalWeather')
      -> proxy('capeconnect:GlobalWeather:GlobalWeather')
      -> getWeatherReport('LOXT')
      -> result;

      print "Test: $t->{station}->{name}\n";

      I don't have to specify the whole GlobalWeather schema and it works
      fine, but when I use the exact same script on my Linux machine using
      again v5.6.1 and the latest SOAP::Lite module I get all the errors
      that have been already discussed. Where does this difference come
      from, and is there really no other chance to define the whole
      GlobalWeather schema? Is there anybody around who has already defined
      the whole schema?

      Thanks for any hints