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3213RE: [soaplite] SOAP::Lite and Proxies

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  • michael watson (IAH-C)
    Dec 5, 2003
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      >This is a subtle but nasty bug you've found, here. One I never noticed while
      >writing the book, nor do I imagine Paul himself has come across it.
      >If you set the proxy the way you're supposed to for ordinary calls, that same
      >proxy *isn't* used when SOAP::Lite tries to fetch the service WSDL description
      >This doesn't explain why your environment variable isn't helping, though. Is
      >the service running under a different UID, like, say, the webserver?

      Ummm, I am not sure what you mean. The service, 'http://soap.genome.ad.jp/KEGG.wsdl',
      is running at a remote server and is not within my control....
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