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3205Re: [soaplite] Soap and memory use

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  • Jens Puruckherr
    Dec 3, 2003
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      "Randy J. Ray" <rjray@...> writes:
      >You don't mention which part is written with SOAP::Lite (client or
      >and which part is having memory problems (client or server).

      The server has the problem.
      >You referred to the XML parser as Xerces, which is the Apache
      >project's Java
      >XML parser. If this is the source of the problem, you aren't going
      >to be able
      >to fix it in Perl. Can you give us more information?

      I'm using Xerces-p, the perl-port of the c++-version of xerces. It is
      the only way for me, to parse the xml against their schema.
      After the initial valiadation of the xml, I use a DOM-object for
      creating a individual applikation-object from the xml-data.
      There ist exactly one xml to be processed at once, after every run I
      undef the $parser- and the DOM-object manually - but it didn't help.

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen

      Jens Puruckherr
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