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3203Soap and memory use

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  • Jens Puruckherr
    Dec 3, 2003

      I''ve written an application which processes XML-Files retrieving via
      SOAP and writes the infos to a database.
      When my soapserver (only a hand full code) starts, it consumes ca. 6
      MB Ram. With every processed XML, the allocated memory increases
      about 500k. When the swap is full (after some days), the kernel kills
      the soapserver.

      I've tried to undef nearly every object in my perl-code manually, I
      undef the parser (Xerces) after every xml and the created
      DOM-object, delete all (?) big arrays and so on. But no memory will
      be reused by my code, it allocates more and more.

      Is there a way to get some info about the wasted memory, forgotten
      objects etc?

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen

      Jens Puruckherr
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