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3169RE: [soaplite] Sample Code for .NET Client/SOAPLite Server passing arrays?

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  • Maurice McCabe
    Nov 20, 2003
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      I finally figured it out. I am now able to send an array of complex type back to a .NET client from a SOAPLite server. The answer was firmly buried, like a puzzle, in the list. Thanks to those who have contributed to the list.
      Had to 'Literalize' the SOAP message being returned from the SOAPLite server using 'LiteralSerializer' (contributed on list), which inherits from the xmlize() and envelope() methods to filters out everything that breaks a .NET client (including fixing the namespace problem). Great job! This was a life saver.
      Then it was simply a matter of building the actual message and returning it. The approach I took (there may be better ways), was to explicitly build the array of complex type from a regular array (or hash) using SOAP::Data and return that.
      Works like a champ for me. I haven't completed all testing yet, but the new serializer may be breaking the original perl client I was using. May need to figure how to switch the serializer in and out based on the SOAP toolset being used in the client side (which can be found in the envelope header). But I am done for now.
      I now have a WSDL available for connecting to my SOAP server from .NET that returns a complex array/hash. Phew!
      I guess in this case the 'truth is out there'. You just have to 'feel the list' out.
      Anyone interested in seeing a working example? I can put one together for the list.
      SOAPLite is an amazing piece of work and I look forward to seeing this interoperate more smoothly for arrays of complex types with .NET and other toolkits.
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      Does anyone have a complete sample of passing a 1D or 2D string array between a .NET client and a SOAPLite server? This would really make my life much simpler right now.

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