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315RE: [soaplite] Re: Can the server process parameters by name?

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  • Chris Davies
    May 14, 2001
      Hi Ashley

      Yes, I'm trying to write a procedure that "does the right thing" depending
      on whether the parameters are named or simply positional.

      Unfortunately, it seems to me that your assumption (viz a SOAP object
      implies named parameters) is incorrect. If you check the supplied parameters
      to the subroutine you'll find that, once you've done a "@ISA =
      qw(SOAP::Server::Parameters)", the parameter list will always have a
      SOAP::SOM object at its end.

      The only way I can see of solving this is to look for the mandatory
      parameter names, and if you find any of them then assume the parameters have
      been passed by name. Ugh!


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      * Chris Davies in "Re: Re: Can the server process parameters by name?"
      * dated 2001/05/14 09:46 wrote:

      > Are you able to share the approach? I've posted my offering - but it
      > requires that some parameters are mandatory so it can determine
      > whether names or positions have been used.

      Yes, but the reason I hesitated before was that I did not check for
      whether they are passed by name or position (and I assume that if
      coming as a SOAP object they are named). I think that you are concerned
      with whether they come across the wire named vs. positional, correct?

      sub login {
      my $self = shift;
      my $som, $email, $pass;

      if (ref($_[-1]) eq "SOAP::SOM") {
      $som = pop;
      ($email, $pass) = @{$som->method}{qw(email password)};
      } else {
      ($email, $pass) = @_;


      return SOAP::Data->name('Result')->type('boolean' => 1);

      hackers ally
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