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  • weissinator13
    Nov 10, 2003
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      I am fairly new to Web services and Perl. I have a Web service
      implemented in Java that returns an XML Element or a string. I have
      a Java client that works perfectly against the Web service.
      I also have a Perl client that uses SOAP::Lite to access the service.

      Problem: the Perl client causes the server to fail when retrieving
      an XML Element because it can't find a serializer for the specified
      encodingStyle passed in by the Perl client. But it works when
      retrieving a string.

      I used a TCP monitor to inspect the content of the request from my
      Java client and then the Perl client to try to identify any
      differences. The Java client specifies a different encodingStyle
      which works perfectly. The encodingStyle specified by the Perl
      client is not recognized by my service and therefore can't find a

      How can I change the encodingStyle in my Perl client. I read the
      SOAP Lite docs and it mentions doing it using SOAP:Data-
      >encodingStyle. I did this, but how does this tie into my
      SOAP::Lite calls? I am confused about how SOAP::Lite and SOAP::Data

      Furthermore, am I even asking the right question. Should I be
      trying to change the encodingStyle? Or am I missing a more
      fundamental issue?


      use SOAP::Lite trace => 'debug' ;

      my $soap = SOAP::Lite

      my $som = $soap->getPartInfo('AAA00-11111');

      print $soap->result();