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3126OO coding with SOAP::Lite

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  • Tilman Baumann
    Nov 10, 2003

      I'm a bit brainsmashed. :)

      Before i tryed to implement my projekt i was shure it would be easey.
      I have to implement a registration service wich i want to do in SOAP.
      There are two classes, _Person_ wich has mainly some Text fields and
      _Registration_ wich has two person classes in (customer and ealer).

      My idea was to handle these classes remote whereo the server can
      validate the fields and hold the state of the clases.

      That was what i thought before i read something about SOAP and read the
      SOAP::Lite Docu...

      First of all, i can only find stupid RPC's. Call a procedure passing
      values and get a result.
      I could manage my service to do some stateless calls and pass my whole
      data in stupid structs. But where ist the O from SOAP? :)
      I found some code wich i don't understand, that implements some client
      side code wich should use remote objects. :(

      Can anyone tell please how to work with objects, calling methods on
      remote objects.

      I think that must be manged with references resp. ID's to objects at the
      remote side... Or any sessionmanagement... I don't know.

      You see i'm a bit helpless. It would be great if anyone would give me
      some new ideas...

      I think most relevant is the servercode, because it has to handle
      multiple instances of objects.

      Thank you verry much.

      PS: Only the clientcode must be in perl. Some examples in java wich
      works with remote objects would be also verry helpfull. But all javacode
      i found yet was also rpc-style.

      Tilman Baumann

      pyramid computer GmbH
      Boetzinger Strasse 60 D-79111 Freiburg

      They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve
      neither liberty or security
      - Benjamin Franklin