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3112Re: [soaplite] Useful module to use with SOAP::Lite

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  • Pierre Denis
    Nov 5, 2003
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      Hi Duncan,

      > > Using SOAP::Lite intensively (thanks Paul!), I had to deal with two
      > > minor issues:
      > >
      > > - soap calls return utf8 strings, even if the content doesn't have any
      > > utf8 encoded characters. This is a "feature" of the XML parser. This
      > can
      > > be annoying when you put this utf8 data in an HTML template and
      > specify
      > > an iso=* encoding in the HTML header. The result will be a utf8 page
      > > rendered as a iso-* content, which is messy. Most XML related module
      > > produce the same "effect".
      > Not sure that I understand the problem that you are describing. A utf8
      > string that has no multi-byte sequences is identical to an ASCII string
      > as it is limited to 7 bits and should then be compatible with ISO-8859
      > encodings.

      If you concatenate a utf8 flagged string with a non utf8 flagged string,
      the result will be a utf8 flagged string. The problems happens when you
      display an html page and you specify a charset iso-xxxx because you
      expect your content to be iso-xxx. If you mix strings from SOAP::Lite
      (flagged utf8 - even if it doesn't contain any utf8 characters) and some
      other content (non utf8), the result is a utf8 content.

      The browser will receive a utf8 encoded html page with a html header
      telling him that is is actually iso-xxxx encoded. The result is bad.

      > > - When you send data structures containing blessed references
      > (objects),
      > > the encoded XML is different than if the data was not blessed. This
      > may
      > > have some undesirable side effects with non perl SOAP implementations.
      > >
      > > So, here is a new module Data::Structure::Util:
      > >
      > http://search.cpan.org/~pdenis/Data-Structure-Util-0.02/lib/Data/Structu
      > re/Util.pm
      > > It enables, amongst other things, to encode/decode any string to/from
      > > utf8 within a data structure. It also enables to remove the blessing
      > on
      > > any reference within the structure.
      > Looking at the POD for the module it is not clear what the utf8_on() and
      > off() routines do. Do they simply set or clear the utf8 flag attached to
      > each scalar? Or do they do more than that?

      I should update the doc then.
      They do more than that, they actually call the perl API to encode/decode (if possible) the string.
      The flag will be set/unset as the result of the transformation.

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