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3110Useful module to use with SOAP::Lite

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  • Pierre Denis
    Nov 5, 2003
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      Using SOAP::Lite intensively (thanks Paul!), I had to deal with two
      minor issues:

      - soap calls return utf8 strings, even if the content doesn't have any
      utf8 encoded characters. This is a "feature" of the XML parser. This can
      be annoying when you put this utf8 data in an HTML template and specify
      an iso=* encoding in the HTML header. The result will be a utf8 page
      rendered as a iso-* content, which is messy. Most XML related module
      produce the same "effect".

      - When you send data structures containing blessed references (objects),
      the encoded XML is different than if the data was not blessed. This may
      have some undesirable side effects with non perl SOAP implementations.

      So, here is a new module Data::Structure::Util:
      It enables, amongst other things, to encode/decode any string to/from
      utf8 within a data structure. It also enables to remove the blessing on
      any reference within the structure.


      Pierre Denis
      Development Manager
      +44 (0)20 7251 7021
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