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  • Byrne Reese
    Oct 13, 2003
      Dear SOAP::Lite User Community,

      Many weeks ago I announced the availability of SOAP::Lite v0.60 and a new
      soaplite.com website. Well 0.60 is out and running, but the website still
      has not been published. (Although, it is still accessible at:
      http://soaplite.com/beta/) It has not been published as we are waiting for
      a little administrative work to get it out there. Everyone please keep
      your fingers crossed, and hope it gets released soon. I myself am anxious
      to see it up.

      But I digress. Development has not stagnated. Work has begun on an
      important piece of the SOAP::Lite puzzle that has been missing for far too
      long: a WSDL2Perl utility.

      The process of building such a tool begins with determining what should
      the ideal SOAP::Lite Service module look like, and once that is
      determined, finding the best way to generate that code from a WSDL. Well,
      we are pretty close to defining what that module should look like, and it
      so far is capable of:

      * serializing and deserializing complex types
      * supporting multiple port bindings
      * support for SOAP over HTTP based Web services (the most common of course)

      I am using the WS-I Interoperability Demo as the basis for my work. In
      theory, if we get that to work, it will work with everything. Knock on

      In any event, I wanted to let the community know what is going on so no
      one loses hope... so to speak.

      ^byrne :/

      Director, Product Management
      Grand Central Communications, Inc.