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305Re: [soaplite] accessing hash in object

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  • Paul Kulchenko
    May 9, 2001
      Hi, Ashley!

      --- Ashley Clark <aclark@...> wrote:
      > > I think I know the reason. versions before 0.50 actually blessed
      > > usual hashes into SOAPStruct (it doesn't matter for hash-handling
      > > code, but it seems like for some reason it matters for DBI). If
      > it's
      > > really the case, you may either upgrade to 0.50 or instead of
      > using
      > >
      > > > my $ary_ref = $q->fetchall_arrayref($self->{_qfields});
      > >
      > > debless it to usual hash:
      > >
      > > my $ary_ref = $q->fetchall_arrayref({%{$self->{_qfields}}});
      > Works wonderfully, I've been meaning to move up to .5 but I've been
      > putting it off. Will it still work with perl 5.005? I think I
      > remember reading that the new XML code only worked in 5.6.
      Glad to know it works. Yes, It should work with Perl 5.005 and even
      5.004. I don't plan to abandon those versions and even I plan to
      introduce perl5.6 only features (like attributes), but it's more like
      syntax sugar and you will be able to do it with SOAP::Data in all
      supported Perl versions.

      Best wishes, Paul.

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