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3045threads in perl

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  • cicbaba
    Oct 8, 2003
      I need help in simple threaded solution.
      How can I join the active thread?

      After I was started the thread I want him to join itself at the end
      and go back to the main

      # main program
      $thr1=new threads \&sub_name;
      $thr2=new threads \&sub_name;
      $thr3=new threads \&sub_name;
      $thr4=new threads \&sub_name;

      # threaded subroutine
      sub sub_name{
      print ("\nIn the thread!\n");
      # here I need help to join this thread after the print


      I need that every started therad will be killed after finished and
      thread->list to be updated

      Thank you all,
      Please email me to igor.ryaboy@...