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3034SOAP Lite IIS and Apache

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  • gerkuil
    Oct 1, 2003
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      Hi All,

      I was working on a soap script that should enable me to start and stop
      a service on a machine externally. (in Windows 2000 speak: 'net start
      <service-name>' or 'net stop <service-name>'

      On my pc where I was creating it I was working with an apache
      webserver and had it working fine.

      When I moved the server side scipt to the IIS server it did not work,
      I did some more testing with some simple scripts (the basic
      tests/examples as they can be found on soaplite.com) and somehow
      figured out the correct way.

      However, the service was not stopped and started and I can find
      nothing in the 'logs' that tell me what is going wrong (what is wrong
      with /var/log anyway).

      If this a Windows 2000 issue I apologize, if somebody has a solution I
      would love to hear it,


      Gerrit Kuilder