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3032Re: [soaplite] Dime Attachements

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  • Alasdair Allan
    Sep 30, 2003
      > I've recently created a web service in .NET that replies with an
      > embedded JPG file (Dime Attachment). I can call other methods in this
      > web service properly via Perl and SOAP::Lite. However, when I call
      > the service that replies with the embedded file I get the contents of
      > the binary file scrolled across the window.

      While Byrne Reese's SOAP::MIME module adds attachement support to
      SOAP::Lite for MIME transport, there isn't, as far as I know, any
      support for DIME attachments.

      > When I run this script I get the following error: Unexpected Content-
      > Type 'application/dime' returned.
      > I want to be able to save this file as in:
      > my $result = $soap->GetImageDIME();
      > open(FL, ">> sample.jpg") || die "Failure";
      > write (FL, $result->result);
      > close(FL);
      > Any thoughts?

      If you want this, you're probably going to have to write it yourself. I've
      been toying with putting a module together to do DIME attachments, but
      don't really have the time or a pressing need right now.

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