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3026server side handling of input

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  • Thom Eden
    Sep 25, 2003
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      I am building a couple of different web services. The first is a traffic cop and the other 2 are point solutions. I have defined the xsd input & output for the point solutions and the traffic cop.

      Clients subscribe to the traffic cop service. It in turn, based on rules, decides whether to call one, both, or neither of the two point solutions, capture any appropriate output, package it up and give it back to the client.

      Now, it seems to me the traffic cop should have a really easy time of grabbing the input data, deciding what goes where and so on. My input looks something like

      <ele1>... (various arrays and hashes here)
      <ele2>... (various arrays and hashes here)

      Now, I want to be able to grab $something which points to the entire <A_Header> and $somtheing_else which points to the entire <B_Header> and pass each in their respective calls to the other web services.

      I've included @ISA=qw(SOAP::Server::Parameters), so I can $som->match(SOAP::SOM::envelope) and so on...

      What I am trying to avoid is diving into the entire structure of data coming in, since we are looking at over 100 elements in each of the mentioned headers.

      Any one have any pointers?

      Thom Eden