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3006Re: [soaplite] Problem with encoding

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Sep 17 3:46 AM
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      --- jacpad1 <jacoby@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I try to call via a perl client a GLUE soap service and want to send
      > a
      > string with special characters (german umlaute). I thought xml is in
      > use so that the characters are utf8 encoded (by default). But I
      > receive on the GLUE site a non conform string.
      > Have i to write my own de- / serializer ?
      > Somebody able to give me a hint - or a solution ?
      Yes Perl does use utf8 internally, but there are plenty of snags and it
      will be easier to understand what's going on if you provide an example
      of your client. Can you post a small example?


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