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  • Ortner
    Sep 5, 2003
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      After many tries, and after reading newsgroup messages, I still have a

      I was running my SOAP service with dynamic dispatching (using
      ->dispatch_to('my/modules/path'). ) and everything was working...
      Each method had its own package: for example:
      file myservice1.pm :
      package myservice1;
      sub myservice1{...}

      but now I want to do some static dispatching: I need to put all
      methods into a single package:
      file myglobalpackage.pm :
      package myglobalpackage;
      sub myservice1{...}
      sub myservice2{...}
      sub myservice3{...}

      I have try to use
      use myglobalpackage;

      but when I call a service on client side, there is an error :

      faultstring = Failed to access class (myservice1): Can't locate
      myservice1.pm in @INC (@INC contains:) at (eval 125) line 3.

      I tried many different options, and the dispatch_with method, but
      nothing work...

      Thanks in advance for help..

      Benoit Ortner
      Comité Réseau des Universités
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