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296Re: [soaplite] One More Question

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  • Craig Kelley
    May 7, 2001
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      On Sat, 5 May 2001, Paul Kulchenko wrote:

      > Hi, Arun!
      > --- Arun Kumar U <u_arunkumar@...> wrote:
      > > > PS - When is the Perl SOAP::Lite book coming out? :)
      > > That would be cool !!
      > :)) not so soon. Scott Seely is planning to include appendix about
      > SOAP::Lite in his book (should be published in July) and I'm working
      > on SOAP book with James Snell, but it's moving slowly, so no dates
      > here. I continue to work on User guide and hope to publish FAQ soon,
      > definitely you'll have more sources for the information. Don't expect
      > to get time for (big) writing soon, unless everybody on soaplite list
      > decide to contribute couple of pages. Hm, doesn't seem to be daunting
      > task, does it :))? And I would apprecite if you let me know what
      > you'd like to see covered in details and it's not right now.

      Well, sign me up when you do!

      Thanks for all the help; SOAP::Lite is working like a champ.

      It won't be long before the CPU is a card in a slot on your ATX videoboard
      Craig Kelley -- kellcrai@...
      http://www.isu.edu/~kellcrai finger ink@... for PGP block
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