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292Re: [soaplite] One More Question

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  • Paul Kulchenko
    May 5, 2001
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      Hi, Arun!

      --- Arun Kumar U <u_arunkumar@...> wrote:
      > > PS - When is the Perl SOAP::Lite book coming out? :)
      > That would be cool !!
      :)) not so soon. Scott Seely is planning to include appendix about
      SOAP::Lite in his book (should be published in July) and I'm working
      on SOAP book with James Snell, but it's moving slowly, so no dates
      here. I continue to work on User guide and hope to publish FAQ soon,
      definitely you'll have more sources for the information. Don't expect
      to get time for (big) writing soon, unless everybody on soaplite list
      decide to contribute couple of pages. Hm, doesn't seem to be daunting
      task, does it :))? And I would apprecite if you let me know what
      you'd like to see covered in details and it's not right now.

      Best wishes, Paul.

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