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2909timeout SOAP Transport HTTP CGI

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  • john42_de
    Aug 13, 2003
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      I'm using a Perl SOAP-Server in conjunction with a Macromedia-Flash
      SOAP Client. When I switch my environment to mod_perl everything works
      fine, but when I have to use a normal CGI-environment I get a very
      strange behaviour of SOAP-Lite: If I send a request to the SOAP-server
      the answer, the server is sending back the response immediatly, but it
      stops at the last sign ("...</SOAP-ENV:Envelope" --> the SOAP-Server
      does not send the closing "greater than") and hangs for about 18
      seconds. After this timeout it sends the closing ">" of the
      </SOAP-ENV:Envelope>-tag and the client correctly displays the results.

      Thank You for Your help