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2896message inside a soap server [request for help]

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  • Kristian Rink
    Aug 8 4:21 AM
      Hello all,...

      ...first of all, being new to here: Hello. I'm Kris. :) Being using
      perl for quite a lot of years now, I some days ago stepped into
      SOAP::Lite more or less out of necessity rather than "just"
      interest. Actually, I am about to create a "server" which processes
      data coming from an already existing client. Time for that is
      _rather_ short, and in the end I am left with learning about SOAP
      and (mostly) XML in less than two weeks. :/ Anyhow, thanks to
      "Programming Web Services In Perl" (great book, a really worthy
      buy), I by now at least have a slight idea of what is goin' on, and
      also wrote some small try-out SOAP client/server pairs for example
      to modify images using perlmagick - funny. :)

      Anyhow, as for my special task, there are two issues I don't yet
      know how to solve:

      (a) As stated, the client which should connect to our server already
      exists. To write the server I was given some sample SOAP messages of
      what the client sends to the server, and which I need to process in
      order to put the data submitted somewhere. Question: Inside a
      SOAP::Transport::HTTP::CGI, how do I get the unmodified, full
      message that has been posted to that server? How can I access the
      XML code itself to extract what I need?

      (b) Those messages will come with a .zip file attached which
      contains several files; and, as for the client, message and file can
      be transmitted using MIME and DIME. How do I access this file that
      is attached to the message (actually, the file name itself is, as a
      string, found in the xml part of that message).

      Sorry if those questions are probably rather stupid or too obvious,
      perhaps I'll find out how to do this, myself, by movin' on reading
      through the documentation I found, but I'd really be thankful for
      some hints on that...

      TIA, have a nice weekend anyone. :)

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