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  • Gary Miller
    Aug 7, 2003

      Bismillah Rahman Raheem
      (In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The Gracious)

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      The media classifies Muslims as "terrorists," "highjackers" and "kidnappers." 
      So why would anyone even look at Islam?
      Why are so many priests and preachers going to Islam?

      What happened to this man?
               Good question. . . .

      Read the story of his search for "Purpose of Life" before Islam
      "Skip" Estes - Before Islam (1988)

      He learned the truth about Islam & became a Muslim
      Sheik Yusuf Estes - National Muslim Chaplain (Imam)

      For Background Information BEFORE ISLAM        [click here]

      For the Story of "How I Came to Islam"                [click here]

      Priests & Preachers Enter Islam (more details) ________[click here]

      Other Religious And Political Leaders Accepted Islam  [click here]

      Read A Christians Reply to Preachers Entering Islam [click here]

      Email request for information on "Christian Preachers Entering Islam" sent to me from Japanese newspaper staff writer:

      I received an email from a Japanese newspaper requesting information about Americans coming to Islam. Here is a copy of the email:

      (Copy of Email requesting information on Christians who convert to Islam - for Japanese newspaper)

      Subj: Convert story
      Date: 07/28/2000 02:35:30 Eastern Daylight Time
      From:  (Takashi Settai)

      To: sheikyusuf@...

      Dear Mr. Yusuf Estes:

      My name is Takashi Settai. I am a staff writer of Nikkei, a Japanese newspaper, based in New York. I am writing an article about Muslims in America now and I am looking for a Caucasian guy who recently converted from Christian to Muslim. I happened to find your home page on the Internet and became very interested in your personal story. If you are OK to answer my questions about your conversion and call or return an e-mail to me ASAP, I very much appreciate it.

      Nikkei is a Japanese newspaper, considered the Wall Street Journal of Japan, that is published twice daily with a nationwide circulation of about 3 million. In addition, we have an international circulation in Japanese and a weekly edition in English. The number of Nikkei offices worldwide stands at 37 bureaus on five continents and employs over 4,000 persons.

      Thank you for your help on this matter in advance.

      Takashi Settai
      212-261-6327 or 212-888-5741

      Here is my reply email to the Japanese newspaper staff writer, Takashi Settai:

      From the Desk of: Chaplain Yusuf Estes
      TO: Takashi Settai
      Staff Writer for Nikkei (Japanese Newspaper)
      New York, New York
      RE: Your email request for more information on former Christians coming to Islam

      [email copy below]

      Peace be unto all those who follow right guidance.
      Greetings Takashi:

      Thank you for your kind letter and for your offer of publishing the story of my
      "converting" from Christianity to Islam.

      Before I begin, I must mention that I am leaving on a flight from here (Washington, DC) to Atlanta in 30 minutes to speak at a special event there. You had requested information on how a Christian priest (a Catholic priest friend of ours named Peter Jacobs), a preacher (myself) and a reverend (my father came last) came to Islam. This email will serve as our permission to publish any information published on our website or in this email for your newspaper. You may feel assured that we are most happy to cooperate with you in any way possible.

      I could perhaps begin by saying, that I have personally witnessed many "converts" coming into Islam in this country (and Mexico as well). But many people consider my own personal experience to be rather unique in that it was not simple one person changing their religion, but rather an entire household of very religious Christians of three different denominations [Catholic, "Born Again" and Protestant) all "converting" to Islam.

      [The reason I choose to put the word "convert" in brackets is because the understanding as taught by the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is that all children are born in a state of "Islam" (surrender, submission and obedience to Almighty God) and it is their parents who raise them up as Jews, Christians, Fire Worshippers. So, Muslims consider it more like returning or "reverting" to Islam.]

      But please do not get the wrong idea, although we entered into Islam within a close proximity in time we each individually came to the conclusion that Islam was our own personal choice and it was not an instant decision as a group coming over to Islam.

      While we would all agree that there are always going to be a certain number of people who, for whatever reason, will change from one religion to another, we must also quickly agree that it is highly unusual to find a number of priests, preachers, reverends and holy men (and women) from various faith groups, simultaneously entering the same faith around the world.

      My own personal story begins on the Texas/Mexican border in December of 1990. I was born a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant and at that time I was working very actively toward preaching "Born Again" Christianity to anyone and everyone that would listen. I was definitely NOT LOOKING FOR ISLAM. In fact, religious leaders of Christianity and Judaism would have us believe, that Islam is a cult of some kind with the followers worshipping a black box in the desert and kissing the ground five times a day. Additionally, we have been programmed by the media to classify most Muslims as "terrorists," "highjackers" and "kidnappers." So why would anyone even look at Islam?

      Good question . . .
      All my close friends at that time were either preachers, ministers or very much active and involved in preaching a message of "Saving Grace by blood sacrifice from the Holy Trinity of Jesus."  

      One preacher I knew used to carry a huge (12' long) cross on his back and walk alongside the highway to attract people to "come to Jesus." 

      Another preacher used to take me into Mexico and we would preach in the square or market to individuals about the "salvation of Christ." We were even arrested in the night by the Mexican Federal Police and investigated (Mexico is predominantly Catholic and does not encourage other religions).

      Ah alas, I feared that I would run out of time before completing this story for you. I must go immediately to the airport now....

      (Good news! Since then, I did find the time to complete the story -- in 2 parts)

      Before Islam (1988)
      Background Story - Before Islam

      Why Are Priests & Preachers Entering Islam?
      (Good Question)

      Read . . . .

      How I Came to Islam

      Part I [click here] for the background story BEFORE ISLAM
      Part II [
      click here] for the story "How I came to Islam"

      Please feel free to write to me and to discuss this subject and other stories of priests and preachers coming to Islam...

      Best Regards and May Allah Guide us all in all that is best, Ameen.
      Yours Very Truly,

      Yusuf Estes
      Yusuf Estes.

      National Muslim Chaplain.
      Today Islam Project - USA.

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      Jewstoislam.com Daily News....Rabbi Ezra Zifrani and Daughter Charged in Court Scheme....April 26, 2003, 4:59 AM EDT NEW YORK (AP) _ Authorities arraigned a Brooklyn Rabbi and his daughter, charging them with plotting to bribe a state Supreme Court judge who is at the center of a court corruption scandal. Rabbi Ezra Zifrani, 66, and his daughter Esther Weitzner, 36 are accused of allegedly delivering cash to a courthouse fixer to bribe Judge Gerald Garson, who was hearing arguments in Weitzner's divorce case. The two were arraigned in a Brooklyn criminal court on Friday. Garson is facing charges of taking cash and gifts to influence divorce cases. Both Zifrani and Weitzner are charged with one count of conspiracy in the fifth degree and could receive one year in jail if convicted. The alleged fixer, Nissim Elmann was also arrested as part of the plot. Prosecutors said the two tried to pay him $5,000. Weitzman's lawyers said their client denied the charges and also that her divorce is still pending. The state Supreme Court scandal has led to seven arrests and prompted a call for closer monitoring of which judges receive which cases. ..........Top Rabbi Accused Of Sexual Harassment: "Israeli Press" OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, April 25 � One of Israel�s two top Rabbis is accused of sexually harassing four men of various ages and from various sectors of society, reported an Israeli newspaper on Friday, April 25. The four men accused the chief rabbi of Israel� Ashkenazi Jews of central and eastern European origin Yona Metzger of repeatedly "groping" them, Ma�ariv said on its front page, adding that they passed a lie detector test. The daily Haaretz, for its part, revealed that Metzger was barred by the chief rabbinate from running for Tel Aviv rabbi in 1998 following several complaints. Metzger and his Sephardic counterpart, Shlomo Amar, representing Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Jews, were both elected for 10 years on April 15. Metzger denied the allegations against him and said that they were an attempt to sully his name. **Complaints **Ma�ariv received the first account of sexual harassment some three weeks before the elections for chief rabbi which took place on April 14.According to the account, given to the paper by a man named David, the rabbi allegedly touched him on the chest and arm and slipped his hand under David's shirt while the two were talking at wedding celebration in the late 80's.At the beginning of April, a religious man told the paper that he recently had met Metzger, during which the rabbi asked him to remove his shirt and then allegedly proceeded to grope his arm and chest. The third case, which took place in 1998 when Metzger was the Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, came to the attention of Chief Israeli Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron who confirmed the incident, said the"Israeli" daily.Bakshi-Doron is probably overwhelmed with guilt, because despite his active opposition to Metzger's appointment as the chief rabbi of Tel Aviv in 1998, he had assisted the whitewashing of allegations that were made at the time against Metzger, said the paper. It was thanks to this whitewashing that Metzger was able to circumvent the most serious stumbling-block in his career, it added. Documents obtained by Haaretz include "the whitewash paper," which paved the way for Metzger to become Israel's Ashkenazi chief rabbi. The troubling suspicions have never been cleared up. Metzger�s office told Haaretz on Friday that, "Only a police investigation into the mercenaries trying to slander the Rabbi will shed light on the truth reveal who stands behind those filing the complaints." **Forgery**The rabbi was suspected of forging the signature of his driver as a witness on various ketubot - Jewish wedding contracts. Allegedly, the object was to enable Metzger to conduct as many wedding ceremonies as possible in a single evening. Allegations have also been made that Metzger had demanded payment from couples he had wed, in violation of the law, Haaretz reported. In December 1998, Metzger got the document that saved him. He had to withdraw from the race for the post of the chief rabbi of Tel Aviv. Metzger's permit to serve as a chief rabbi of a major city was taken away a few months before, in the wake of suspicions that he had violated Jewish and Israeli law on various occasions. Eventually three of Israel's senior rabbis were appointed by the Chief Rabbinate to decide whether to give him back his permit. One of the complaints against Metzger- Haaretz said- was filed by a senior Tel Aviv prosecutor who recalled that the rabbi was given an envelope with NIS 360 at a wedding. "After the ceremony, a few minutes after the rabbi had received the envelope, he came to the parents of the bride and groom and complained that the amount was insufficient. This created a disturbance and a bad atmosphere ... To end the disgrace, the bride's father took money out of his pocket and doubled the amount ... The couple sent a letter to the honorable Rabbi Lau, who was then the chief rabbi of Tel Aviv. After that, Rabbi Metzger returned the extra amount. ......Hasidic Jew Attacks A Muslim Woman in Brooklyn Toy Store....April 23, 2003  A Muslim woman shopping in a Brooklyn toy store was assaulted by a man who slurred Arabs and flung a Mr. Potato Head at her, police said yesterday.The suspect's father later said his son apparently acted out of grief because a friend in Israel had been killed by a suicide bomber.Max Abrahamowitz, 29, a Hasidic Jew, was shopping at Toys "R" Us in Bensonhurst on Monday afternoon when he encountered a 23-year-old Italian Muslim woman, police said.The suspect yelled a number of anti-Arab slurs, police said, then flung the toy, still in its box, at her, bruising her upper left arm.When police showed up, Abrahamowitz, a student in Israel who was visiting family in Borough Park, told them he "doesn't like Arab people," a police source said. Abrahamowitz was arrested on charges of assault and aggravated harassment.Abrahamowitz' father, who refused to give his name, said his son acted out of grief. "I'm very surprised," he said, "but one of his friends was killed by a suicide bomber, a woman."Two Rabbis jailed for cheating New York Hasidic community NEW YORK (Reuters) - Two men who operated a racketeering ring in an ultra-orthodox Jewish community and cheated individuals, banks and businesses out of millions of dollars were sentenced to long prison terms Thursday. Mordechai Samet, who was convicted by a jury in White Plains, New York, federal court in December, was sentenced to 27 years and three months in prison for operating the ring in the Hasidic village of Kiryas Joel in Orange County, 40 miles northwest of New York City. He was also ordered to forfeit $4 million to the government. Samet's co-defendant, Chaim Hollender, received a prison term of 12 years and seven months. He was ordered to forfeit almost $2 million. ''This case is extraordinary because of the breadth and scope of the frauds committed, the period of time over which they were committed and the chutzpah of the people committing them,'' U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon said in sentencing the men. The men were convicted of racketeering, money laundering conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and bank fraud. In addition to forfeiting millions, they were ordered to make restitution in the amount of $2.2 million. The racketeering organization, which prosecutors called the Samet group, used a variety of fictitious identities to commit an array of frauds and net $4 million by the time it was halted.According to the charges, the crimes included soliciting people for bogus lotteries, defrauding banks with counterfeit checks, submitting false death claims to insurance companies and using false information to get tax refunds. According to the charges, the crimes included soliciting people for bogus lotteries, defrauding banks with counterfeit checks, submitting false death claims to insurance companies and using false information to get tax refunds. The men were also charged with cheating credit card companies by fraudulently disputing charges and claiming goods or services had not been received. Prosecutors said the duo laundered the proceeds in the United States and overseas, concealing their activities and funding additional frauds.



      The Noble Qur'an 29:46
      And argue not with the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), unless it be in (a way) that is better (with good words and in good manner, inviting them to Isl�mic Monotheism with His Verses), except with such of them as do wrong, and say (to them): "We believe in that which has been revealed to us and revealed to you; our Il�h (God) and your Il�h (God) is One (i.e. All�h), and to Him we have submitted (as Muslims)."

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      Hadith - Bukhari and Muslim, vol. 4, no. 255, p. 158.
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      "Three persons will get their reward twice [i.e. a double reward].  [One is] a person who has a slave girl and he educates her properly and teacher her good manners properly [without violence] and then manumits and marries her.  Such a person will get a double reward.  [Another is] a believer from the People of the Scriptures who has been a true believer [in his Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him], and then he believes in the Prophet [Muhammad Peace and Blessings be upon him].  Such a person will receive a double reward.  [The third is] a slave man who observes Allah's rights and is sincere to his master [and observes the rights of his master]."

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      Do 'Wahhabis' Support Acts of Terrorism?
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