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2886Retrieving Method names

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  • rwainwright33
    Aug 2, 2003
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      I am would like to retrieve the names of the methods described in a
      wdsl document so that I can pipe them to a easysoap++ program that
      will call them.
      I can retrieve the details of a business using the UDDI:Lite module,
      and display them within a web interface. The <accessPoint> data gives
      me a starting point, but I know not the methods I need to connect to.

      So idealy I want to read the wsdl doc, and display the methods
      available. With the number of attributes required.


      Service : Calcualtor,
      AccessPoint : http://www.someurl.com/endpoint
      Methods: Add() - args: num1 num2
      mult() - args: num1 num2

      Is this possible?

      Many thanks
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