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2852Help !! Namespace problem

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  • usurihxjava
    Jul 25, 2003
      I'm a newbie to SOAP. I'd appreciate someone shedding a
      light on namespaces for me. I have a SOAP service, echo.cgi, that
      dispatches to
      Echo.pm. Both are located in directory cgi-bin, so
      http://server/cgi-bin/echo.cgi is a working location for the service

      In a SOAP client, I can set ->proxy("http://server/cgi-
      bin/echo.cgi") and
      ->uri("Echo") or
      ->uri("urn:Echo") or ->uri("http://server/Echo") and everything
      works fine.
      However, if I set
      ->uri("http://server/cgi-bin/Echo"), I get an error "Failed to
      access class
      (cgi-bin::Echo) at E:/Perl/site/lib/SOAP/Lite.pm line 2101."

      Can anyone clarify for me what is going on and how i can fix this
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