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2826WSDL timeouts

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  • mpafrica2001
    Jul 17, 2003

      Firstly, thanks to all for the great module and the mailing list
      support. You haven't heard from me before because I've found my
      answers in the archives. On to the matter at hand:

      I have seen how to set the timeout as part of the call to proxy

      eval {
      $service = SOAP::Lite->service($wsdl)
      ->proxy($endpoint, timeout => 5)
      ->on_action(sub{join '', @_ });


      which works fine in the normal situation where the WSDL is available
      and the actual call times out. Control returns after 5 seconds via an
      eval exception as expected.

      However, in the situation where the fetch for the WSDL itself times
      out, it takes a full 180 seconds for the exception to return.

      Looking in SOAP::schema::access, I see that I can hack in the timeout
      there when the LWP::UserAgent object is constructed.

      sub access { require LWP::UserAgent;
      my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new(timeout => $ENV{SOAP_SCHEMA_TIMEOUT} ||

      but it would be better if I could pass the timeout in as part of the
      call to service. That is:

      $service = SOAP::Lite->service($wsdl, timeout => 5)
      ->proxy($endpoint, timeout => 5)
      ->on_action(sub{join '', @_ });

      I'll try and submit a proper patch when I have time to get my head
      around how to get the parameter from the service method through to the
      access method.


      Michael Brader michael.brader@...
      Senior Software Developer (Unix) ntl:ipd
      Hook 01256 75(3413)