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2777Catching a 500 Error client side?

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  • Adhamh Findlay
    Jul 3, 2003
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      I've got a simple soap client that looks like this:

      use SOAP::Lite;
      my $soap = SOAP::Lite->service("http:/some.server.com:4221");
      $soap->setPersonStatus(30, 1000039);

      Right now, if the server is down or otherwise times out I get this error:

      Service description 'http:/some.server.com' can't be loaded: 500 Can't
      to some.server.com:4221 (Timeout)

      At this point, my client dies. This client actually needs to keep running
      the background...

      Is there a way to catch this 500 error on the client side, report the error,
      and keep running? I found information in the docs about server side
      and errors, but nothing about the client side.


      Adhamh Findlay
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