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2736Receiving type 'xml' on serverside - preventing deserialization of body.

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  • stormmaster42
    Jun 23, 2003
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      I am trying to write a client/service-combination that exchanges a
      SOAP-message containing an XML document.

      I know how to put the XML into the message. What I am doing on the
      client is:
      $soapResult = $soap -> verify(SOAP::Data->type('xml')->name(info =>

      Now how do I get the content of the variable $myxml on the server side
      inside my handling subroutine?
      To me it seems that SOAP::Lite is always trying to deserialize the
      body into hashes, which I do not want in this case. Because I would
      like to do some validation/transformation on the transmitted XML.

      Unfortunately encoding the XML as a base64 string or escaping special
      characters is not an option since the real client (not SOAP::Lite) is
      not able to do that.

      Any help greatly appreciated.
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