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2734Passing C++ style structures

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  • Sanjay
    Jun 20, 2003
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      Hi All,
      I have gSOAP c++ soap server. I want to expose some complex data
      structures using this server to the clients (which include gSOAP c++
      client and SOAP::LITE perl client). One of my c++ structure look like:


      #include <string>
      extern class std::string;
      extern typedef std::string xsd__string;

      struct Types {
      unsigned short unsignedShortParam;
      unsigned int unsignedIntParam;
      unsigned long unsignedLongParam;
      short shortParam;
      int intParam;
      long longParam;
      char* charParam;
      xsd__string stringParam;
      int ns__test(double a, double b, struct Types *inTypes_ptr, struct
      Types *outTypes_ptr);


      My SOAP::LITE implementation is:

      $soap_response = SOAP::Lite
      -> uri('urn:sbsd')
      -> proxy('http://localhost:3000')
      SOAP::Data->name('a')->type(float => 12.5),
      SOAP::Data->name('b')->type(float => 11.5),
      SOAP::Data->name('InTypes_ptr' =>
      (unsignedShort => 40 ),
      => 3000 ),
      => 4000 ),
      SOAP::Data->name('shortParam')->type(short => 3000 ),
      SOAP::Data->name('intParam')->type(int => 3000 ),
      SOAP::Data->name('charParam')->type(string => 'welcome
      character' )
      SOAP::Data->name('stringParam')->type(string => 'welcome
      string' )

      Do you think there is another better way of passing (or getting back)
      complex structure's using SOAP::LITE? Most of the time I have to
      figure out the problem by going down to the protocol layer (i.e
      looking into the actual SOAP-XML messages). Is there any documents
      exists which describes passing structures, enums, unions etc?

      Thank you very much.
      -sanjay soman