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27Re: [soaplite] on_fault

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  • Paul Kulchenko
    Feb 13, 2001
      Hi, Ray!

      --- Ray Rizzuto <ray.rizzuto@...> wrote:
      > I'd like to be able to handle all errors from a soap call,
      > including
      > transport errors, after the call completes. I've set the following
      > fault handler, which almost works except that the faultstring isn't
      > available after the call to the method:
      > sub fault
      > {
      > my($soap, $res) = @_;
      > if (defined $res && ref $res)
      > {
      > print $res->faultstring;
      > return $res;
      > }
      > else
      > {
      > print $soap->transport->status;
      > $res = new SOAP::SOM;
      > $res->faultstring("transport error");

      Here is the reason. faultstring() and other methods are readonly. You
      may get access to message structure, but you cannot update/modify it.
      Next version probably will generate warning/error if you try to
      provide parameter(s) for these methods.

      > I'm very new to this, so I may be making an obvious mistake.

      You may check Error Handling section on http://guide.soaplite.com/. I
      prefer 2.k example and in any case you always have access to result
      of the call through call() method:

      print $soap->mymethod(123)->result;
      print $soap->call->faultstring;

      Even if call made with autodispatch:

      use SOAP::Lite +autodispatch => ...;

      print mymethod(123);
      print SOAP::Lite->self->call->faultstring;

      Best wishes, Paul.

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