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2686OSCON'03 BOF

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  • Alasdair Allan
    Jun 7, 2003

      Well I've (finally) gotten round to requesting a BOF slot at OSCON, since
      web services is such a timely issue I doubt we're going to have any problems
      getting a slot, so...

      Paul has already volunteered to kick the session off with a (brief) talk,
      I'll leave it up to him decide what he wants to talk about.

      Do we have any more volunteers for presentations? Or discussion topics?
      Someone with a couple of overheads and an idea they want to chew over

      I'll sort out some PC projection equipment (I can probably get some money
      out of someones budget for it) so we can do demos, show each other code,
      and do the (now traditional) powerpoint presentations.

      Dr. A. Allan, School of Physics, University of Exeter
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