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2649Re: [soaplite] 'trace' on server side?

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  • Tilman Koschnick
    May 23, 2003
      Hello & thanks for your replies. A combination of them did the trick for
      me; a quick summary for future reference:

      I added two lines to SOAP/Transport/HTTP.pm,


      to the top of SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Server::handle, and


      to the bottom of SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Server::make_response. In my
      server, I called

      use SOAP::Lite 'trace';
      use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;

      and, voilĂ , the full messages as in my clients.

      Cheers, Til

      tilmankoschnick wrote:
      > Hello everybody,
      > is there something like the 'use SOAP::Lite +trace' call on the
      server side? I am using
      > use SOAP::Lite 'trace';
      > use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;
      > but this only gives me some information, like
      > SOAP::Serializer::new: ()
      > SOAP::Deserializer::new: ()
      > SOAP::Parser::new: ()
      > SOAP::Server::new: ()
      > SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Server::new: ()
      > SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon::new: ()
      > ...
      > but not the call and response itself, as it would on the client side.
      I've searched the archive and found a couple of similar questions, but
      no answer, so I'm asking again in the hope someone found out by now.
      > Cheers, Tilman Koschnick
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